Why Solar?

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Solar Heat Panels with sun in the sky shining down on them in Taos, New Mexico

Solar Heat Panels in Los Alamos, New Mexico

Buying a solar energy system is a powerful and direct way to invest in your future, because you are buying the equipment to harvest free energy.

In many cases, depending on the energy source being displaced, the break even (when the money spent equals the money saved from energy use) can be from 5-15 years. Typically solar systems are designed to last 20-25 years plus. Valverde Energy maintains solar systems the founder installed 30 years ago in Santa Fe, Taos and Los Alamos homes that are still producing energy.

Many people in northern New Mexico install solar energy systems to reduce dependency on other energy sources or to be more energy independent, especially when there is an electrical or gas outage.

Other big picture views include reducing our dependency on foreign oil and reducing our carbon footprint. These two issues have huge impacts on the long term sustainability of our Country. In 2008 alone, the US sent out over $400 billion for oil imports alone, often sending our money to people who do not like us.

As far as carbon foot print and how it relates to Global Warming, solar is one of the best energy sources to reduce carbon output. Whether you regard Global Warming as a belief or a scientific fact, the stakes are very high if the predictions prove true. Too high to ignore.

Purchasing a solar energy system puts you in action by directly reducing your personal carbon footprint.